Get Intentional About Your Relationships

Show your favorite people how much you care, no matter how full your plate gets. Prioritize them, track your connections, and get the reminders you need to reconnect regularly.

Intentionally invest in your people. Download Fabriq ‘fab-rik’ — the tracking app your real social life needs.

Available for iOS and Android.

Fabriq Helps You  Effortlessly Build Better Social Habits


Prioritize & track your most important relationships


Get reminders to reach out consistently


Keep notes & reflections about your interactions

Fabriq Helps You Effortlessly Build Better Social Habits


Prioritize & track your most important relationships


Get reminders to reach out consistently


Keep notes & reflections about your interactions

Fabriq Helps You Effortlessly Build Better Social Habits


Prioritize & track your most important relationships


Get reminders to reach out consistently


Keep notes & reflections about your interactions

Focus on Genuine Connections With Your Favorite People

Organized into four circles of closeness, Fabriq works magic to strengthen your connections with the most important people in your life. (They don’t have to be on the app.)

Add People to Your Circles

Get intentional about the most important people in your life — prioritize them into circles of closeness and use Fabriq to stay connected.

Track Your Connections

Set goals with each of your people the way you would with steps, calories, or screen time. Keep tabs on how often you connect and the quality of those connections over time.

Keep Notes & Set Reminders

Save your mental energy for quality time with your favorite people. Keep notes about important details and reminders of life events so you can show up when it counts.

Get Notified When it’s Time to Reconnect

Counting down from green to red, the rings around your people are touch-base timers. When it’s time to check-in, Fabriq will let you know!


It’s exactly what I was looking for: a platform to prioritize my very busy social life and make sure nobody slips through the cracks. To make me a better friend and partner.

This app has helped with little pushes to make me be more cognizant of how often I’m connecting with those that matter most to me.

Absolutely love it…Something I’ve been wishing for, for a long time. I left FB many months ago but felt a little sad that I had to give up my “real” network on there. Now I have it back in a more meaningful way. Thank you!

What a game-changer! Fabriq has impacted my life for the better. I’m now able to stay in touch with the people that matter the most, when it counts. I love the notes and reminders to follow up. I especially love that I’ll never forget again to call my mom on a Sunday. Five stars all the way around.

I thought I was remembering to stay in touch with all the people I love in my life, but Fabriq helped me realize I wasn’t reaching out as often as I thought. Reminders to connect, when I’ve connected with them last, and ideas! Love this app!

Fabriq is much more fulfilling and personal than Facebook or Instagram. It’s facilitating genuine connection and helps me to focus my energy on the right people.

Why We Built Fabriq

Fulfilling relationships are scientifically proven to keep you happy and healthy — boosting your immunity and longevity. When you prioritize the people that matter most, even when life gets full, you naturally show up better for them and yourself. 

We built Fabriq for people who recognize the importance of strong relationships. For those who want a better way to intentionally invest in the people in their lives. A way to make every moment count.

Science-backed and the first of its kind, Fabriq is designed to improve your social health and make building better social habits easy, so you can focus on what (and who) really matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the circles?

Think of all the people in your life — family, friends, neighbors, gym buddies, coworkers, your therapist (your shaman?) — anyone you interact with or want to interact with, often. These are the people you make up your social fabric. 

Fabriq helps you focus on up to 50 relationships. So, identifying the ones that matter to you is the first thing you’ll do in the app. These are the people you spend your life with, so take a few minutes to reflect on which relationships you care about most and want to intentionally invest in. Then, you’ll prioritize them into circles of closeness.

Based on the work of social scientist Robin Dunbar, we recommend you fill your Fabriq circles like this:

Inner Circle: These are roughly 5 people in your life with whom you share an intimate connection and lifelong closeness. Keeping them close means staying in touch with them regularly and ensuring your connections are high-caliber. You’ll likely keep an eye on that quality-over-time tracker to make sure things stay strong. 

Middle Circle: Your middle circle’s likely a combination of family, mentors, and besties — somewhere around 10 people who you trust, are totally real with, and share life experiences with, but whose little life details slip your mind when they’re out of sight. Keep notes and reminders on these folks, so you can show up when it matters most. 

Outer Circle: The crust of your social pie comprises about 35 people who share your interests and whom you’d like to stay in touch with regularly. Fabriq reminds you to reconnect, so the allure of Netflix doesn’t put distance between you.

When it comes to your circles in Fabriq, people can shift around any time you’d like. You can remove people or add new people as your life (or theirs) changes. It’s your social life. Keep it real.

How secure is the information about the people in my circles?

Fabriq provides a variety of services to streamline how you connect with the people you care about most. All of the information that you put into your Fabriq account is completely private and only for your personal use to strengthen your existing relationships. Because Fabriq is not a social network, you do not have a public profile and nobody has access to any hidden backdoors with which they could expose you and your bestie’s shared love of honey lavender lattes. Your secrets are safe with us.

To make inputting information into the app easier for you, we may ask to access your device’s contacts, photos, connected services, communication metadata, and/or appointment data. If you allow Fabriq access to any of these, we promise that it will not be shared with or sold to anyone or any other company, and we will not send notifications or communications to anyone in your contacts unless you tell us to.  

If you’d like more details we encourage you to dig deeper into Fabriq’s privacy policy.

Do my friends & family need to be on Fabriq for it to work?

No, the people you add to Fabriq do not need to be on the app for you to reap the benefits of all of the features. And, no one will ever be notified or contacted by Fabriq unless you ask us to do so.

With that said, research shows that when you set out to build new habits, sharing your goals with the people around you helps keep you accountable. So, letting your friends and family know that you’re making them a priority might make it easier. Hey, you might even make their day.

Is Fabriq a social network?

Nope, Fabriq isn’t a digital social network – it’s more like a health tracking app for your relationships! It remembers the little stuff you don’t want to forget and reminds you to connect with your people, so your real-life relationships stay strong and healthy with a little less effort on your part.

Is Fabriq free?

It is! As we grow, we may add premium features, but for now, it is a 100% free, relationship tracking tool.

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